About Me

Hi, I’m Josh!

I currently work as the Engineering Manager of the Ubuntu Server team at Canonical. The team is of course responsible for the Ubuntu Server distribution which includes bug triage, stable release updates, and software packaging and of course the health and direction of Ubuntu Server. Additionally, the team develops the cloud-init, curtin, and Ubuntu Advantage projects.

In 2016, I completed my master’s degree in Computer Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology with a focus in Interactive Intelligence. My first Machine Learning course opened my eyes to the field of AI and continued to take course work in big data, machine learning, and knowledge-based AI.

Previous to Canonical, I spent nine years at Hewlett Packard. There I worked on producing HP’s own Debian derivative, system deployment and configuration, system bring up of large scale-up systems with Linux, and Linux enablement and performance of networking and storage devices on new hardware platforms.

My resume is available here.

My public GPG key (4096R/DA660C25) is available here.