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Senior Software Engineer & Engineering Manager Link to heading

Maintainer of the open-source, Go project Telegraf. Engage and assist customers, review community pull requests and issues, and produce meaningful enhances and bug fixes to promote the health of the project.

Wrote and maintain influxctl, CLI tooling to manage InfluxDB v3 Clustered and Dedicated instances.

Manage both the team responsible for Telegraf and a contracting agency’s tasks, headcount, and priorities used for other products.

Also maintain the InfluxDB Client libraries written in Go, Python, and JavaScript. These libraries provide streamlined methods of sending huge amounts of data into InfluxDB, the open-source time series database.

Senior Software Engineer Link to heading

Lead the production of Ubuntu cloud images across worldwide major cloud vendors. Specifically, responsible for all engineering interaction and deliverables with Google Cloud including Google Compute Engine (GCE), Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), and Anthos.

Engineering Manager & QA Engineer Link to heading

Led and grew the worldwide remote team delivering Ubuntu Server, the number one cloud operating system

Implemented automated CI and merge review system, setup daily software builds, and wrote integration test framework and test cases for software using containers and cloud deployments

Masters in Computer Science Link to heading

Completed my Masters in Computer Science in Computer Science. Graduated with a 3.90/4.00.

Coursework included in Artificial Intelligence included:

* Knowledge-Based AI: Cognitive Systems
* Machine Learning
* Machine Learning for Trading
* Big Data for Health Informatics
* Artificial Intelligence for Robotics
* Intro to Health Informatics

Senior Engineer Link to heading

Enhanced product security and reduced duplicate efforts across the company, through the development of HP’s own Debian-derivative operating system

Software Engineer Link to heading

Initiated performance characterization testing methodology and qualified the latest I/O technologies to ensure performance across HP’s next-generation mission-critical and enterprise servers

Conceived automated smoke, integration, and scale tests to run against new product API to reduce development delays and meet quality goals

Bachelors of Arts and Sciences Link to heading

Received my in Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Economics and Applied Computing Technology. Graduated with a 3.55/4.00.