cloud-init 18.1 Released

22 February 2018
cloud-init ubuntu


As announced, cloud-init 18.1 was released this week. From the announcement, some highlights include:

Version 18.1 is already available in Ubuntu Bionic as it also nears release.

Release History

Below is a breakdown and history of recent releases. It also shows the change in version to the year.release format:

Release Days Date
18.1 68 2018-02-22
17.2 83 2017-12-14
17.1 271 2017-09-21
0.7.9 101 2016-12-23
0.7.8 32 2016-09-12
0.7.7 - 2016-08-10


In addition to the LXD and nocloud KVM tests, cloud-init now runs integration tests on a third platform: AWS EC2. As stated on the mailing list, the backend utilizes the boto3 Python library to create a virtual private cloud and proceeds to launch instances while testing cloud-init.

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