As announced, cloud-init 19.1 was released last Friday! From the announcement, some highlights include:

  • Azure datasource telemetry, network configuration and ssh key hardening
  • new config module for interacting with third party drivers on Ubuntu
  • EC2 Classic instance support for network config changes across reboot
  • Add support for the com.vmware.guestInfo OVF transport.
  • Scaleway: Support ssh keys provided inside an instance tag.
  • Better NoCloud support for case-insensitive fs labels.
  • SuSE network sysconfig rendering fixes for IPv6, default routes and startmode

It was really exciting to see that we had a large number of community commits this release cycle as well!

Version 19.1 is already available in Ubuntu Eoan and stable release updateds (SRU) to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic) and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial) are also complete.

Release History Link to heading

This release took longer than we have in the past. We plan to quickly release 19.2 early this summer.

Below is a breakdown and history of recent releases. It also shows the change in version to the year.release format:

Release Days Date
19.1 147 2019-05-10
18.5 70 2018-12-13
18.4 104 2018-10-03
18.3 83 2018-06-20
18.2 34 2018-03-28
18.1 68 2018-02-22
17.2 83 2017-12-14
17.1 271 2017-09-21
0.7.9 101 2016-12-23
0.7.8 32 2016-09-12
0.7.7 - 2016-08-10

Interact with cloud-init Link to heading

  • Chat with us in #cloud-init on Freenode
  • Join and email the cloud-init mailing list
  • Checkout the HACKING document to get started on cloud-init development