Technology and education. A huge and very interesting topic, but what could a course like this entail? As I read more about the topics and the work that would go into the course I felt it was a perfect opportunity to help me dig in a little deeper into my personal observations and experiences with technology in education.

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The first few weeks of the class involved researching and investigating the various topics and areas of educational. Note the lack of technology in that statement. We started understanding what problems, from either our own experience or others, face the education sector. My interest was around Bloom’s Taxonomy for learning as each level is rich for educational technology and more importantly how we learn and retain information is essential to empowering students to succeed.

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As the semester went on, I honed in my proposal with the following goal:

The goal of this project is to create visualizations of components of an online education course, such as lectures and assessments, to help educators understand the methods they are using to teach and assess students and students to understand how the course is structured. This project is specifically targeted at students and teachers using MOOC platforms, like that of Udacity and Coursera.

The following eight weeks I would endeavor to make my proposal a reality. The final deliverable, paper, video, and demos can be viewed on my Online Course Visualizer site.