Almost a month ago, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Bionic was released. While I have used Bionic on my personal workstation and laptop since the initial beta, after a month of post-release usage I can say I am absolutely thrilled with it. I have found it to be rock stable and plenty fast on both systems. I also went ahead and upgraded my local MAAS server to use Bionic and found that the upgrade occurred very smoothly.

Here are a few of my favorite features:

  • GNOME: Desktop environments are a very personal choice and I do love MATE’s clean design, but I wanted to give GNOME another chance. While I am using relatively newer and powerful systems, I found found it to be fantastic to use daily and easy to customize via various gsettings options.
  • netplan: While I already wrote about using netplan, I find writing my network configuration as YAML to be far more simple and straightforward and better yet allows me to not worry about further details of the configuration.
  • LXD: A day does not go by, that I do not use LXD. The 3.0 release of LXD, comes with clustering support and the ability to forward TCP connections between the host and containers. Makes it easy to host a site in a container or do development on various software in a container and try them out quickly.
  • Chrony: Setting up time synchronization is even easier now with chrony. I also wrote a post on setting up chrony.
  • Server Installer: The new, super quick server installer is also a joy to use for fast simple installs. Additional storage and networking features to bring the installer to parity with the existing installer are coming soon and more!

Onward to Cosmic!