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October 14, 2020

Finding the latest Ubuntu image on your favorite cloud can be difficult. Each cloud has a unique method for finding the latest images. The Ubuntu Cloud Image CLI tool was created to find the latest Ubuntu images on clouds. The following clouds are supported:

  • Amazon Web Services (aws)
  • Amazon Web Services China (aws-cn)
  • Amazon Web Services GovCloud (aws-govcloud)
  • Microsoft Azure (azure)
  • Google Compute Engine (gce)
  • Kernel-based Virtual Machine (kvm)
  • Linux Containers (lxc)
  • Metal as a Service (MAAS) Version 2 (maasv2)
  • Metal as a Service (MAAS) Version 3 (maas)

The program uses the streams output provided by various clouds to determine the latest images available on clouds. Where they are supported this includes the latest daily, minimal, and daily minimal images as well. Daily and minimal images are enabled with the --daily and --minimal flags.

The output is the full JSON output from streams providing details about the requested image. If no image matches the specific filter then an empty JSON array is printed.

How to Install

As this is a snap it is installed easily via the snap store:

snap install ubuntu-cloud-image


Below is usage for the app:

ubuntu-cloud-image {cloud} {release} [--daily] [--minimal]

For example, to find the latest bionic KVM image run the following:

ubuntu-cloud-image kvm bionic

Bugs, Feature Requests, Questions

If you encounter an issue, have a feature request or idea for something new, or have questions about the tool feel free to file a GitHub issue!


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